Established in 2011, Stackhouse Elite took the world of AAU basketball by storm! Under the leadership of head coach, 18 year NBA veteran, Jerry Stackhouse, Stackhouse Elite has enjoyed tremendous success over the last two years. With talented and hard working players, a dedicated coaching staff, and strong parental support, Stackhouse Elite created quite a buzz, capturing numerous titles in the 15U and 16U divisions. This season, we look forward to competing and playing up in the 17U division.


Pro Tip of the Day:

How Important is Rest or Sleep for Basketball Players?Basketball Parable
“When I was playing basketball as a young player I was constantly in pain. I noticed later on that if I made sure I regularly got at least 8 hours of sleep every night, my legs & knees didn’t hurt as bad. I know that some people might be turned off by how simple of a concept that is but the fact of the matter is, it’s real. Your body needs sleep and if you deprive it when you are growing and playing lots of basketball, you’ll pay the consequences. It’s the best medicine you can give your body at a young age when you are putting so much wear and tear on it.”

Today is a different era than we have ever seen before. YouTube has videos of thousands of players. People are getting filmed without even the knowledge of it taking place. A couple years ago a video was leaked with Lebron getting dunked on by a college player that would’ve never happened when I was playing. I mention this because coaches are watching things now that they never had the chance to see before and that ends up being good and bad. It used to be that coaches only got to see highlight videos or clips that we put together ourselves where now that simply isn’t true.

One poor decision can be the difference between a scholarship or not. One poor decision can make the difference between playing time and not playing so why not take it serious.

Players  that spend their summers staying up late playing video games and waking up at noon or 1 o’clock the next day are not the kids that we want. You all should get a solid 8-10 hours of sleep a night and learn how to treat your bodies. Let’s look at a situation:

  • Game just got over and you have the option to go out with some friends to a party or take care of your body by resting and icing what needs to be iced?

It sounds funny and nerdy but the best choice is to give your body the best chance to recover. Ice it and then get some sleep. I know you’ll be riled up after the game but the best way to cool down is by icing up your knees or ankles and getting well. Sleep. You’ll have plenty of time to attend parties or do social events during your lifetime but you wont be able to get these valuable development years back once they’re gone. Consistency and Repetition are very important factors at this stage of developing. Making sure you take care of your body is a huge part of learning how to  play the game of basketball at an Elite level.

Basketball Parable 
“When I was a senior in high school I turned my ankle during a big game for us. I went in at halftime and got it wrapped and went out and played the 2nd half. I scored 24 points after halftime and played a great game. When the game ended my ankle felt great so I took a hot shower and by the time I got out of the shower my ankle had started to swell up but still didn’t hurt yet. I went out with some friends after the game and within an hour I could barely walk. I missed our next game and it really cost our team all because I didn’t immediately take care of my body like I needed to. Had I immediately put ice on it and went home and got some sleep, I’m very confident I wouldn’t have had to sit out the next game. That’s how much of a difference it can make.”

Understand that it isn’t just about you but other players on your team. It is about who you represent and respect for others. Treat yourself well by getting proper rest so you can be the best player you can.

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